Our Standards

“There is much controversy and fear surrounding organic versus conventional in the marketplace, almost becoming a case of good versus evil. There is a balance between these two contrasts and that is where we stand: practical, sustainable farming. We work to be stewards of the land, growers of fresh, clean food, and providers of jobs that enhance quality of life for our customers, our employees, and ourselves.”

-- Mitchell Lester

Are you an organic farm?

No, we are not strictly organic.

Are you a conventional farm?

No, we are not strictly conventional.

Well then, what are you?

We are a balanced blend of both methods! Implementing organic and conventional strategies allows us to raise the best crops possible for our customers and meet the standards we work toward.

Are you GMO free?

Yes we are! To us, GMO falls out of balance with what we want to offer, therefore we don’t.

Do you grow everything you provide?

No, we also source items from other local farmers who raise or create their products with a balanced, sustainable approach. We wholeheartedly believe in connecting with other small farms, like ourselves, to provide our customers with the absolute best quality, and selection.